event by KABK design lectorate

You are warmly invited to attend this one-day symposium featuring projects being developed through the 2019 KABK Research Group, with a particular emphasis on practice-led research. The symposium seeks to identify approaches, methods and tools that use art and design making as subject matter or as a means of investigation, with broader application to the growing design research culture at KABK and beyond. 

Art and design research methods to be explored include: activism, collaboration, collective making, corresponding, diagramming, drawing, enactment, filmmaking, framing, juxtaposition, letter-writing, mapping, movement, notation, pedagogy, performance, re-archiving, re-narration, salvaging, speculation, translation, visual analysis, zooming in, and more.


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Royal Academy of Art The Hague

FAULT LINES: research symposium and exhibition 2019

06.12.2019 • 10h00—18h00