3rd Cycle program:


docARTES is an international inter-university doctoral program for practice-based research in musical arts, designed for musician-researchers. It is primarily intended for gifted musicians in the fields of performance and composition, whose artistic work raises questions or problems that can only be addressed through research. The four-year consist of two elements: the doctoral curriculum and the individual research trajectory.

More than just stimulating and facilitating artist-researchers, docARTES provides a 4-year doctoral curriculum, consisting of research and training. It allows doctoral students to develop their artistic qualities, broaden their academic knowledge and expand their methodological skills. The doctoral curriculum starts with an ‘introductory’ year (8 sessions), followed by three subsequent ‘focus’ years (8 sessions). This curriculum is supplemented by individual research supervision.


During your entire doctoral trajectory, you can rely on a supervising team that consists of a directing supervisor (who has the final responsibility for your research work),  and an academic and an artistic specialist: these experts provide feedback on artistic and academic aspects of your research project.


The application requirements are:


  • A Master’s degree in music (or equivalent)
  • An original and well-articulated artistic research proposal
  • Candidates should speak, read and understand English fluently


You pay an annual fee of € 1.250 during the first two years (which amounts to € 2.500 for the whole doctoral curriculum) at the beginning of your doctoral trajectory. The Orpheus Institute is not allowed to provide any form of scholarship.


For more information, visit the website.


docARTES is a collaboration between the Orpheus Institute (Ghent), Leiden University (Leiden), Conservatoire of Amsterdam (Amsterdam), Royal Conservatoire The Hague (The Hague), Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Association (Leuven), Antwerp University Association (Antwerp), Royal Conservatoire Antwerp (Antwerp)


3rd Cycle program:



4 - 6 years