The platform Kunst Onderzoek (or Art Research) is a collaboration of the art lectorates or professorships of the higher art education in the Netherlands. The objectives is to inform, exchange and collaborate in the field of research in the arts.


Art and design are intrinsic human expressions that promote innovation in culture, politics, economics, education and science. It is important that research in the arts gains more attention and support. The Art Research platform wants to act as a mouthpiece and think tank for art lecturers in current debates about art, research and art education. Knowledge is shared via this platform and we formulate common points of view.

what we do

Art  Research organizes and initiates meetings and activities related to art and research. Three working groups are active: one in the area of ​​the third cycle, a writing group to arrive at a position paper and a steering group. We also collect and share information about developments, calls and events in the field of research in the arts.


On this website you will find more information about the third cycle in the arts, articles and manifestos about art and research, information about the different art lectureships and an overview of what is happening where in the field of research in the arts.