Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen

Arts Education

Lector / professor:

Prof.dr. Evert Bisschop Boele

Domain: arts education

The research group Arts Education conducts practice-based research into current curricular and extracurricular issues in art education. Art education becomes meaningful when teachers help students to develop themselves, on the basis of who they already are and what they already know and are able to do, into the artistic personalities they can and wish to be. Current art education in primary and secondary schools, but also in art centres and music schools, does not always achieve this. Practice-based research is needed which approaches art education from the present Dutch socio-economic and cultural context, in order to better tie in with the life world of pupils and teachers.


The research group Arts Education is connected to Prins Claus Conservatoire, Minerva Art Academy, PABO (Hanze) and Master Kunsteducatie (Hanze/NHL)

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