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How do you share knowledge from research in the arts? Not only after the research is finished but also whilst you are still in the middle of it? How do you share it in language, in visuals, in movement? Do you speak with one voice or with polyphonic? Or do you prefer to let the body speak?

On Tuesday the 29th of November Kunst Onderzoek hosts the second edition of DIS_SEMINAR. A symposium where we will work on alternative forms of dissemination. An inspiring day filled with presentations, workshops, a walk, and collectively working towards a manifest.

Do you want to join in on interactive sessions with tantalizing titles such as Writing Sensitives, Performing Working, The very specific guide to Anywhere or Polyphonic Dissemination? Register now, and we will see you on the 29th at Fort de Batterijen in Nieuwegein.

Check the programme here.

It’s a free research community event by the platform for professors, researchers (PhD/PD, postdoc, lecturer-researchers), curious (MA)students, research policy & support people. Registration is open now: fill in the form here. Please register before Tuesday 22 November,