3rd cycle conference of the CrD Erasmus+ project

The final conference of the Creator Doctus project, which will be hosted by Gerrit Rietveld Academie. The event is a milestone moment where a book on the Creator Doctus trajectory, including case studies and a framework will be presented to the sector, including Higher Arts Education Institutions, professional practice partners and other stakeholders representing the field of higher arts education.


Meer informatie en aanmelden: http://creatordoctus.eu/event/final-conference-in-amsterdam/ 


The programme offers:

  • contributions from Florian Cramer, Michelle Teran and the exhibiting artists
  • moderated discussions
  • presentation of the CrD book and framework for a practice-based arts 3rd cycle degree

In connection to the conference, an exhibition will open on Friday 29 October at Nieuw Dakota. The exhibition is curated by Astrid Korporaal and will present outputs of practice-based research projects in various stages of development, in which the artwork is seen as an intrinsic and essential part of the 3rd cycle trajectory, rather than an visual annex to the written thesis.

The participating artists are: Arnas Anskaitis, Joan Ayrton, Theodoros Giannakis, Femke Herregraven, Saoirse Higgins, Jane Jin Kaisen and Caroline Meyer-Jürshof.


The exhibition will interrogate existing artistic research methodologies and give a perspective towards new and innovative approaches.

The exhibition is part of the CrD project which aims to identify good practice in practice-based research in the arts and helps developing and supporting artistic research in institutions that currently have limited or no experience in this arena. The exhibition provides an important step in the development of comparable, yet distinctive creative models of practice-based research in the arts.

IJver, Amsterdam

Creator Doctus eindconferentie

31.10.2021 • 09h30—17h30