This Connective Symposium aims to bring together artistic researchers with an interest to contribute to society through their research practice: Not only to question, but rather to actively engage in the present, and ‘helping time forward’ through a dedicated relation to the world. They can therefore play a critical role in the present. The professorship and research chair ‘Artistic Connective Practices’ has started its work since September 2021 and, after the first year of its work, invites the international field to come to Tilburg, The Netherlands. In the context of a three-day symposium, we will address the notion of artistic connectivity as an approach to artistic research in relation to society, and will collectively and collaboratively explore the socio-economic and ecological issues of our time.

The full, multi-day event will include and combine laboratories, performances, forums, keynote presentations and interactive workshops. The form of the symposium will happen in a connective, co-creative fashion/design. It is the aim to collectively and co-creatively think and work together through the course of three days.


Information and contact:

Fontys University of the Arts Tilburg

Connective Symposium