The training on this afternoon is especially for the research community of art professorships.

Are you interested in research integrity within your work as a lecturer-researcher, lecturer, policy officer or lecturer supervising thesis projects? Are you the colleague who might want to provide training for your colleagues on research dilemmas?

who is the training for?

In collaboration with colleagues, the Netherlands Research Integrity Network (NRIN) has developed material for lecturers who teach at universities of applied sciences about integrity issues within research, and who can also use this as a lecturer-researcher in the circle of a professorship or knowledge centre.


what material?

The developers/trainers have collected integrity issues and created exercises and items that fit into the cycle of research.

Three themes are central:

1. Conflicts of interest in collaboration with third parties

2. The use of data (and data management) in research

3. Open science and research integrity


registration and conditions

kunst onderzoek (art research) offers this training as a platform activity. As a result, there are no costs involved for participants. This of course does not make it non-committal. There is a limited capacity of up to 12 participants. If you would like to register, please send an e-mail to: with: name, function and institution.

The training is developed in Dutch, but can also be given in English. You can indicate if you have a preference, or if it does not matter. Do not wait too long. Your registration is only final after confirmation (due to limited capacity).

Social Impact Factory, Utrecht

Training Research Integrity (by NRIN)

31.03.2023 • 13h00—16h00