ArtEZ professorship Theory in the Arts organizes a four-part research seminar TIME MATTERS. At the first meeting, 5 November 2019, the The Entanglement of Theory and Practices in the Arts (ArtEZ Press 2019), edited by Peter Sonderen, professor Theory in the Arts, will also be presented. You are cordially invited to both activities. The book presentation starts at 16.30.

Registration for the seminar is recommended. Location: Hegius-gymnasium, Deventer 10-18 hours. Registration for the seminar and information about the first meeting can be found here: information and registration 5 November.

This four-part seminar, Time Matters, inquires into how time – in artistic practice and theory – is an ever-changing, multi-layered concept encompassing multiple orders of magnitude: from the cosmic macrotime of the universe and the geological deep time of the Earth to the nanotime of the processors in our computers. In this first seminar, we engage with time as a social and technological construct and actant within a european-historical and contemporary human timeframe. Seminar I – Casting Futures in the Thick Present – inquires into three perspectives: the unsettling implications of a simultaneous global time, time as a ‘technological object’ arising within the european context, and time as ‘a malleable category to reinvent ourselves’ within an artistic exploration of current migratory experiences. It is time to start casting futures through thinking with and storying with with all kinds of (non-)human kin.

Peter Sonderen, Professor, and Sharon Stewart, researcher for the Professorship Theory in the Arts, have invited theorist Eric Kluitenberg, Editor in Chief of the Tactical Media Files, and sound artist researcher Ximena Alarcón-Díaz, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow 2017-2019 (INTIMAL), to give talks in the morning and afternoon. Each talk will be followed with time for group discussion.

This Seminar includes contemplative intermezzos, lunch, and a participatory writing session and will be followed immediately by the book presentation of The Entanglement of Theory and Practices in the Arts, edited by Peter Sonderen (2019, ArtEZ Press).

Het Hegius, Deventer

Seminar TIME MATTERS and book presentation The entanglement of theory and practices in the Arts

05.11.2019 • 10h00—18h00