Invitation to an initiative of the Institute of Cartopology 20-21 August


You are cordially invited to CORRECTIONVILLE #01 which will focus on the cartopological craft by facilitating workplaces and dealing with documentation and observation techniques through workshops. Lectures will be organized to further explore the theoretical cartopological framework. CORRECTIONVILLE #01 is an initiative of the Institute of Cartopology. As such, it forms a part of Marlies Vermeulen’s PhD research at Zuyd University, Research Centre for Arts, Autonomy and the Public Sphere and of MERIAN. The first edition will take place at HX Hoogcruts 47, Noorbeek (NL). Like any city, CORRECTIONVILLE #01 is growing organically and not every square meter is planned. CORRECTIONVILLE #01 is open to initiatives from other mapmakers to claim a place and experiment! Apply before July 15.

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Correctionville #1

PhD Marlies Vermeulen